Staging to Sell

Before Staging                                         After Staging


Before you market your property

If you are thinking of selling your property, have you thought about what your viewers will think when they come to view your home? Is your house in tip top condition and looking its absolute best? Have you done all those outstanding DIY jobs that you have been putting off for ever and also de cluttered and re organised the entire house? If not, you should as your buyers will be put off by looking at your personal style of living. Nothing wrong with your personal style of living whilst you are living there but believe it or not, our personal spaces really do put our buyers off.

Do you feel slightly overwhelmed at the thought of doing all the above? Well worry not as I love organising and staging clients homes, including arranging and overseeing any DIY, decorating and gardening jobs.

Your home needs to look fabulous in order for it to really impress your viewers, achieve the best valuation and sell quickly!

How it all works


After our initial phone consultation, I will arrange to visit you at your property to carry out an inspection.  On the day of the inspection, I will walk through every room in the property including the garden and garage taking lots of notes, measurements and photos.  Based on my findings I will then prepare a comprehensive quotation for you outlining the project costs. For a quote including a full DIY jobs spec, the cost will be slightly higher as shown below. The visit usually takes a couple of hours depending on the size of the property and slightly longer if a full DIY report is required. No problem if you can’t attend the consultation due to your busy schedule as I can arrange to collect the keys from the estate agent and return them after the consultation.


  • Site inspection starts at £99 based on inspecting a 1 bedroom property.
  • Site inspection with full DIY report starting at £149 based on inspecting a 1 bedroom property.
  • Collection and return of keys to estate agent £15 each way.
  • Trades site visit £95