Hello, my name is Katie Jackson, thanks so much for visiting my site.

I run my own Home Staging business based in East Sussex where I dress and stage properties for sale.

I have real passion and energy when it comes to transforming and restyling my clients homes and have over 25 years experience in property makeovers and preparing homes for sale.

A large proportion of my clients contact me for help when they are very frustrated at not being able to sell their properties and my other clients call me for inspiration when they are in need of a house or a room makeover.

My clients mainly live and work abroad or have work and family commitments so are unable to make all the necessary arrangements required in preparing their properties for selling. I take on the project for them organising and managing every aspect of the work including organising trades, decorating, DIY, cleaning, gardening, window cleaning, furniture installation, sourcing accessories, staging, interviewing estate agents for valuations and photos for marketing etc…

Featured in ATM Mag 2012 and Channel 4 TV Big House Little House

Katie Jacksons Amazing Room Makeover in 1 Minute

Katie Jackson Appearing in Channel 4 TV Big House Little House

Channel 4: Big House Little House, Series 1 Episode 13 Hosted by Aidan Keane
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Katie Jackson Interviewing Dave The Handy Man At Her Staging Project in West Sussex


What is Home Staging?

It is the art of dressing and presenting a property for sale to make it stand out from the crowd and appeal to the widest possible audience. It is all about designing living spaces that buyers aspire to live in. Research shows that houses that have been staged by a professional stager will help it sell much quicker than a non staged house and also achieve a higher selling price.

When it comes to selling your car, you clear all the rubbish out, your hoover it, polish it and get any minor repairs done to make it look its best so that you can get the best price possible, so why don’t we do this when it comes to selling our properties?

What are the benefit of staging your property?

  • Increase the value
  • Sell your property faster
  • Maximise buyer interest
  • Turn your home into a Show Home

People looking for property buy with their emotions so it is paramount that what they see is gorgeous and inviting! Think about all the things that could potentially put your buyer off leaving your property sitting on the market for ages whilst you still keep paying the bills.  Your home must stand out from its competitors and look its very best.

Years ago, I had a lovely client contact me about her home in Deal Kent. It had been sitting on the market for about a year and she had reduced the price by around £25,000. The property was also listed with multiple agents. After the decorating, DIY, dressing and staging work, which took about 2 weeks my client sold within the week of being listed for her original asking price! Whilst I was working on the property, people were knocking on the door saying how gorgeous the house was now looking.

The cost of a staging project is much cheaper in the long run than the cost of a huge price reduction!!!

How I can help you

Once I take a project on for a client, they will no longer have to worry about any aspect of the staging work, i.e. taking time off work, managing trades, valuations, photo shoot, phone calls, emails, etc… They only part they play in the whole staging process is when they find a buyer and need to sign contracts and documents with the conveyancing team during the sale of their property. I personally oversee and manage every aspect of the staging process from conception to completion including de staging and packing up after exchange of contracts.
Before you put your house on the market or reduce the price, give me a call to see how I can help your property have the best chance at selling much quicker for the best price. I have helped many property owners sell by working my magic and have an amazingly fast turn around with my staging projects.
I have real passion and energy when it comes to transforming and restyling my clients homes and have over 25 years experience in property makeovers and preparing homes for sale.